Wellan 2000 Energy Stick

The Energy Stick is the portable version of the Wellan Water Purification ring Which enables you to purify water on the go in addition it will neutralize the acidity in fruit drinks and sulphates in wine.


The Wellan Energy Stick :-

* Activates and energises water
* Neutralises undesired fruit acids
* Reduces sulphates in Wine,
making the taste less acidic
* Reduces excessive Carbon acid and makes
all beverages more easily digestible & Healthier
* Energises water, improving the taste.
* Neutralises bacteria in water.
*  Improves the clarity of water.
* beverages treated by the energy stick can improve
microcirculation, promote metabolism, remove toxins.

The Energy Stick prevents :-

* Heartburn ( e.g. from wine or fruit juices)
* Indigestion from drinks such as Beer, Acidic fruit juices
This applicable to a variety of drinks.

The Energy Stick can be used for :-

Mosquito and Spider bites to reduce pain
and swelling.

How the Energy Stick works :-

* The Wellan Energy stick’s functionality is based
on the principles of quantum physics. Vibrations ( information )
generated by the stick interacts with the vibrations generated within the
molecular structure of the being that the stick is interacting with.
For instance when the stick is placed in a glass of wine the vibrations
generated by the stick interact with the vibrations generated within the molecular
structure of the wine. This is how the sulphates are broken down.

Another example :-

Take two glasses of tap water. Place the stick in one glass for 30 seconds.
Then taste both glasses of water. In most cases the water that had the stick in
will taste better.
This test can also be carried out with acidic drinks, the result being the drink
will taste less acidic.